Ever wondered who are the people behind the Self Help Basis? You are lucky because you will find that out in the next sentences.

A couple of years ago two guys met. One was Denis and the other guy was Bruno. They spent a little bit of time together and started discussing stuff about life.

They both heard each other talk about passion for life, for change and for a better society but the fact was that they were both living a pretty shitty life. No money, no job, no bright future and parents on their heads 24/7.

So they complained.

After they have done complaining and figured out that nothing will ever change from complaining they decided to make a pact. The pact was a memorandum stating that they will both support each other in their own paths to mastery, self-fulfillment and mission-oriented life.

They both decided to help each other be the best they can be and they started out, both on their own journeys.

Then, in July 2016, their paths crossed again in the same field of self-development. They talked again a lot about their development, their purposes and passions and decided to share their insights with every other regular Joe who had the same experience as they did.

They wanted to help people out find their own way. Denis and Bruno are not super successful and on top of the world, but they for sure are on the right path.

Out of that urge to help people out, to show them the way forward out of misery, apathy and everyday struggle, Self Help Basis was born. Pretty cool eh?


So the vision for Self Help Basis was pretty much established by itself and Denis and Bruno just confirmed it on a paper. To help those in need, both consciously and unconsciously, in lifting their lives up in the air for a majestic life.

How do they do this? Well, that is where the mission statement comes in play.

We do this by providing a clear path to mastery of oneself through programs, articles, blogs and courses that lift the man up.


Now the story time is done, get back on the track of self-fulfillment. If you want, you can contact us here.
Self Help Basis.