Why Should You Live Outside Of The Comfort Zone

Break out of your comfort zone.

Are you sick and tired of always looking at those people around you who are more successful than you are?
Are you always asking yourself how the fuck did they do it?

Well, I had the same questions and they were just that, questions. No answers came from my own head so I had no options whatsoever to figure it out. I was stuck.

I told this to one of my friends who suggested something so simple that I didn’t even think about it. Just ask the person how they did it. It never occurred to me to do it and I was struck by that.

How the fuck did I never thought of that but now I know how.


I never went out of my comfort zone.

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It never occurred to me because it never existed in mind, to begin with. Walking up to a random stranger who is rich and asking them how they did it? Wow, my brain immediately went into overdrive with all the possible ways how that could be a catastrophe.

He will laugh at you, he will tell you to fuck off, he will yell at everyone else “Look at this weirdo”, he will act like you don’t exist and just walk past you, he will tell you no, he will…

And guess what? All of this happened to me. And guess what? It didn’t hurt as nearly as much as my brain thought it will. Yes, you get the sting for a second but after that second, you feel so alive.

The act of going from your comfort zone to your learning zone is the scariest and at the same time most fulfilling thing in your entire life.

It is when you don’t know how to do something or you are scared of doing it, then it’s the right thing to do it. It is scary, I know. It’s terrifying, I know as well. You don’t know how to do it, I know that as well.

How do I know it? I was there. And you were there as well but you don’t remember it.


First time you exited your comfort zone

You don’t remember this, but your parents or older siblings for sure do. You were just a baby and were crawling on the floor of your house and then at some moment, you tried to stand up.
Holy shit!
This was something totally new for you.
And guess what, this is something you have in common with Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Mother Teresa, or Mahatma Gandhi.

You and all of them sucked at walking the first time you tried it but that didn’t stop you or them for trying again. At some point, you and they made the first walk- a couple of steps to a certain direction. After a couple of months, something that was so out of the ordinary for the young you was now literally a walk in the park.


Comfort zone today

Back to today’s you. Seeing this example from your childhood, you are probably wondering how you managed to stop going out of your comfort zone.

Well, life happened and life at it’s worst. As soon as you became a kid and started going to school, nobody had the time to deal with your constant failure or support you through that.

So, the first time you fell down when you started walking, your parents didn’t tell you to quit.
The first time you fell math in high school, your parents told you something totally different.

The first time you tried talking and could only pronounce one word, you got a clap.
And, the first time you tried talking in public and you could barely utter a word, people laughed at you.

See, over time we become afraid to do new things because we don’t know how to do them at first. This leads to us not even trying to do it and never acquiring anything new. We buckle in our everyday lives and skills, knowledge and attitude we know just to keep us safe.

To keep us safe. To keep us from getting the negative feedback, the backlash, the embarrassment. So we stay within our walls and keep seeing people living the dream, wondering when it will happen for us.

Now comes the painful truth both you, I and almost everyone else on the planet knows about.

Magic and your own personal success in life always, no matter which area, comes outside your comfort zone.

Read the sentence above. Again.

One more time just to be clear.

What now?


So the magical advice I want to give you is JUST DO IT!

It is hard, I know, but it is like jumping in the pool. Don’t dip your toe and go slowly. Go all in.
See a cute girl and you want to approach her but you are anxious or scared. Go 1,2,3 in your head and start walking to her saying hey 5 meters away.
Want to start that business? Call people from your address book and start offering your service right NOW.

All the beautiful things in life come from taking action.
Go and do something and then come back here and report what you did in the comment section. We will help you out with constructive feedback.

Until next time.


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