Power of Visualization. You Are a Reflection of Your Mind

The power of visualization. You are what you convince your mind you are!

You are what you convince your mind you are. Sounds like some real hypnotic bullshit but it is not. So let us go in depth of the article to figure out why your mind is the ultimate weapon. This is the power of visualization.

Ok, I want you now to imagine something for me as vividly as possible.

Lemon Test

Imagine that you are in the kitchen. You take a white cutting board and put a small, sharp ceramic knife on it. Now you turn to the fridge, go there and grab a fresh, yellow and ripe lemon from it.

You take the lemon out and put it under water for 10 seconds just to clean it a bit. Now you take some napkins and dry the lemon from the water.

You put the lemon on the white cutting board, take the small, sharp ceramic knife and cut the lemon in half.

When you cut the lemon, the juice spreads on the white cutting board immediately and the smell of lemon starts going through the air.

You take one-half of the lemon and put it near your nose and start to smell it. The lemon is so fresh and yellow and just put your mouth in it and bite through it. The juice goes through your mouth and eyes squeak a bit because of the bitterness.

power of visualization brain


Ok, you can stop imagining it now because your mouth is full of saliva. Why is that? Your brain thinks that you are now eating a lemon and it sends this message to your mouth and your mouth then starts producing saliva as you are about to eat a lemon and need to digest it. And that’s the power of visualization.

Reticular Activating System

See, your brain and mine as well are a bit stupid.

It doesn’t recognize if something is happening now or you are just imagining it vividly.

The point here is to convince your mind of something and it will believe it is true. You just have to do it vividly.

But still, why I sit important for our mind to perceive something to be true or real even though it’s not?

Because of brain automation called RAS or Reticular Activating System. It is a part of the brain which gets information from our surroundings and decides on what to focus.

That is why you don’t see the bear in the video.


When you convince your brain into believing something, your brain will start to see things beneficial to that in your surroundings.

If you believe and imagine driving a new Audi, your mind will start noticing Audi’s all over the place. It’s not that there was a sudden surge of Audi’s on the market, it is just that your mind started paying more attention to that.


Unconscious Mind

The same thing is with success, money or hot girls. When you convince your mind, it will start doing unconscious actions to deliver those things to you.

There was a study on golfers that showed that, even though most of them have a bad technical swing, they can still make long shots. This is processed in the brains by the fact that you want something so your unconscious mind adjusts other parts of your body like strength, posture or eyesight so that, despite a bad swing technique, you can still get a really good shot.

The latest example of this is the 3point shots of Stephen Curry which are highly irregular but he still manages to score 3 point shoots 4 meters behind the line. It is an automation of the system.

Your unconscious mind got so good in doing this action, but it was practicing it forever, that now it became a habit and something to which you don’t even pay attention.


Train Your Brain


If you want to stand now (if you are sitting down), you would have to consciously tell over 32 muscles in your body to either contract and let loose so that you can actually stand up and then control those muscles consciously so that you can actually stand for a couple of minutes.

Of course, you don’t do this because it sounds ridiculous right? When you were a baby and couldn’t walk, this is exactly what your brain was doing and then it learned. Nobody managed to stand from the first time. Babies fall thousands of times before they learn how to walk but then „the system“ aka your brain learns this action and performs it unconsciously.

You can train your brain for almost any actions, you just have to train it.

Because the brain will give you what you want, if you really want it and imagine having/knowing it now.


We hope that now you understand what is the power of visualization. Share with us what you want your „brain“ to learn and we will see how we can help you with that.


Thank you for reading the article. I hope it was helpful to you.

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