3 Amazing Self Help Books You Need to Read – March 2017

Self Help Books for March 2017

Hello, my friend. This is the third month of your awesome personal and professional growth. Two months ago we have started with the self-help books you should read to build an awesome life.

If you have managed to read 20 pages of a book every single day, you have read these three for sure.

Last month books were:


  1. Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
  2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  3. Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson


Great, so let us now move on, shall we?
Oh, you are questioning what have I read in February? No problem, here is my table of readings.


The 3 self-help books I have read in February are The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins and Contagious. Why Things Catch on by Jonah Berger.

All the books recommended here are going to be the books we have read at Self Help Basis so no worries, we are in this with you.

Moving on now to March self-help books:


1. Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday


Amazing book about the biggest disease affecting human performance, happiness and fulfillment.

Ego. It is the damn ego. We all have it. Some crush it fast and lose their drive. Others have a lot of it and get consumed by it. Ego- a really good servant but a horrible master.

What you will learn: How to control your ego when you start emerging, when you are on top and when you start descending.
It helps a lot by reading about all the great minds that had problems with an ego as well and how they overcame it.
On the other hand, you will learn how to deal with an obnoxious boss who is making the wrong moves and doesn’t respect as much as you deserve.

How to read: I suggest reading this book in 3 readings, one chapter per day.
It needs some time to affect you so it would be really good if you could read out a chapter per day ( the book has 3 chapters- EGO AT START, EGO AT TOP, EGO AT DESCEND).

Quote from the book:  Be humble in aspirations, gracious in success and resilient in failure.


2. Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith


Amazing book about habits and triggers. It goes into the lessons learned by Goldsmith from his coaching practice which lasted for 20+ years.

The hidden gems of behavioral change that actually stick is the main premise of this book. I started my daily habit ritual of reading 20 pages of books through this book.

So if you have problems with habits, this is the book to start with.


What will you learn: Habits, habits and more habits. You will learn how to deal with your flaws and strenghts, why you need to plan.

But also you will understand why we are immaculous planners but horrible implementors and ways on changing that.

If you need to change and need it fast, you will get your system for that here. I know I did.


How to read: I suggest you go 20 pages a day. The book has some really good excersise so it is really helpfull to stop by and do them.

If you go more than 20 pages, you might get tired and skip through the exercises which would make this book atleast 30% less effective.

Do all of the exercises, they are trully life-changing.


Quote from the book:  Good things happen when we ask ourselves what we need to create, preserve, eliminate, and accept—a test I suspect few of us ever self-administer. Discovering what really matters is a gift, not a burden. Accept it and see.


3. What Great Salespeople Do by Michael Bosworth


Let me actually show you how your mind works. This book shows you the way your mind works and how you need to talk in order to sell.

This book was so profound that I even used it to write my masters thesis. Easy to read and understand.

And childishly easy to implement.

What you will learn: You will learn how your mind works, why you emotions control you and every other human being on the planet and the best part is:


This is probably the best part of this book.

It teaches you the structure of a great story and it even has a workshop explained in it.


How to read it: Quite easy to read it. You can go 20+ pages per day.

Just make sure you read carefully the part which teaches you how to structure a story. It is the most important part of the book.

And it is pure gold!


Quote from the book: The left brain says “no” because it becomes paralyzed from too little or too much information.

The right brain says “yes” because it can imagine the possibilities and use intuition to fill in gray areas.

We make decisions primarily with our right brain.

Think of the college you attended, the car you drive, the home you bought, the significant other you chose to spend your life with, the names of your children, the political party you favor.

If these were all logical, left-brain decisions, all of us—or at least all of us in similar circumstances—would drive the same car, the one that gets us from point a to point b most affordably and efficiently.

There would be one right car, the logical choice.

We’d also belong to the same political party, live in the same neighborhood in the same kind of house, marry the same kinds of men or women, and have the same number of children with the same names.

Because there would be one right answer. 


And that was it for the March edition of Self Help books. Stay on course and let us know what March will bring us.

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